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IT Compliance in Downtown Tampa


IT Compliance in Downtown Tampa

The compliance experts at HOCS Consulting understand just how imperative it is to remain compliant with industry regulations. After all, businesses that fail to meet compliance laws can suffer from steep financial and legal fines and penalties and loss of customer trust. That’s why we offer IT compliance in downtown Tampa. 

With our decades of compliance experience and SOC 2 compliance, we know the ins and outs of regulatory compliance, corporate compliance and so much more. Find peace of mind with the experts at HOCS Consulting. 

Managed IT Downtown Tampa

What Is IT Compliance?

IT compliance involves adherence to designated rules, laws and security guidelines as outlined by a company’s respective industry. These compliance requirements are essential in an age where there are constant risks of data breaches, cyberattacks and security leaks committed by malicious cybercriminals. Moreover, implementing best compliance practices demonstrates to your customers that you are serious about protecting their confidential information, increasing their trust in you. 


IT Compliance in Downtown Tampa

While IT compliance is essential, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Each industry has its own set of compliance laws, from DoD compliance to financial compliance. It can be hard to keep up with these laws, especially as they evolve in response to new cyberthreats that emerge every day.  

HOCS Consulting takes the load off you by offering compliance solutions like data privacy controls and advanced cybersecurity protocols that meet industry standards and frameworks. Our compliance experts are well-versed across a variety of different sectors, including healthcare, education and law enforcement. We know what it takes to protect your business every step of the way.


Professional IT monitoring, management and support solutions keep your business running efficiently.


Technology expertise, advanced tools and time-tested processes keep your infrastructure safe from end to end.


State-of-the-art tools and policies regulate which users can access what data, where, when and on what device.


Properly configured cloud services empower the modern workforce with anytime, anywhere tools and technologies.


Our compliance experts ensure your organization meets complex, always-evolving industry requirements.


Whatever your objective, our knowledgeable consultants are poised and ready to accept the challenge.


Seasoned experts, thoughtful planning and the right tools ensure your business can adapt to the unexpected.

We boast a dynamic team of industry specialists dedicated to your IT infrastructure maintenance and management, ensuring round-the-clock access to expert IT support. 



Why Choose IT Compliance from HOCS Consulting?

When you have so many options for an IT compliance partner, it can be hard to choose the right one for your business. Why go with HOCS Consulting? 

  • Specialized Expertise: Our compliance experts don’t just keep up with compliance laws and regulations — they live and breathe them. Our team maintains SOC 2 industry compliance and has specialized knowledge of compliance in industries other companies don’t. 
  • Robust Cybersecurity: Having robust security measures is vital to maintaining IT compliance. We ensure your cybersecurity strategy and disaster recovery plans meet industry standards. 
  • Peace of Mind: No more sleepless nights worrying about compliance laws. Our team will take the stress off you and save you time, money and resources. 

Industries We Work With

We cater to a large variety of industries, including:  

  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Professional services 
  • Real estate  
  • Manufacturing  

Learn more about our industries here.


Communities We Serve 

Beyond providing IT compliance in Downtown Tampa, we also support businesses in: 

  • Westshore 
  • Tampa International Airport area 
  • Ybor City 
  • Channelside 
  • Tampa Bay Tech Corridor 
  • Carrollwood 
  • Brandon 
  • Clearwater 
  • St. Petersburg  
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