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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection


Best-of-Breed SOC/SIEM Services

Cybersecurity in the modern world is a multi-pronged, ever-evolving mix of art and science. HOCS Consulting’s SOC/SIEM solutions provide the ideal advanced, complementary security solution bringing together cutting-edge technology, time-tested processes and dedicated human analysis.


As cyberthreats continue to rise in frequency and complexity, SOC/SIEM services provide businesses with a significant competitive advantage.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

A SIEM (security incident and event management) solution logs thousands of system alerts across your network, then filters out benign alerts and prioritizes those posing potential risk.

Expert Analysis and Response

SOC (security operations center) certified analysts are always available and specially trained. After all, no AI-machine learning technology can compare to a pair of well-trained eyes.

Compliance Adherence

Businesses in highly regulated industries, like healthcare, are often required to have SOC/SIEM solutions in order to meet compliance standards.

Business Continuity

Our SOC/SIEM solutions provide ultimate visibility into your network, eliminating blind spots so threats are detected before they have an opportunity to pose serious damage.

Other Cybersecurity Solutions We Offer at HOCS Consulting:

Food For THought

What To Consider in a SOC/SIEM Solution

Designing a SOC/SIEM solution is complicated and includes many moving parts. If you’re looking for the best in sophisticated security protection, look no further than HOCS Consulting.