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Secure Devices and Support for a Flexible Workforce


Comprehensive Mobile Device Management Systems

MDM, or a mobile device management system, allows for easy monitoring and management of mobile devices used for business purposes. Through the right combination of software, processes and policies, MDM solutions allow for the tracking and managing of mobile device usage without compromising employee privacy.


Unlike more user-centric endpoint security solutions, MDM is a device-centered security model.

Hybrid Workforce Support

Today’s business relies on mobile devices to get work done. MDM manages essential smartphones, tablets and laptops to keep them secure.

Reduced Costs

Protect personal mobile devices and shift hardware costs to your employees with an MDM system and a BYOD (bring your own device) policy.

Enhanced Data Security

In the event of a device being stolen or lost, MDM can remotely track, monitor, troubleshoot and even wipe data in real time from any registered device.

Competitive Edge

Secure mobile devices allow employees to do their best work in the office or at home, fueling innovation and productivity so your business thrives.

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Whether you need to manage hundreds of mobile devices or thousands, HOCS Consulting can help.