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Fast Data Recovery When Every Second Counts


Solid Backup and Disaster Recovery for Protection from the Unexpected

No one knows what tomorrow holds. Any day, at any time, your business could experience a natural disaster or a cyber attack jeopardizing critical data and interrupting operations. HOCS Consulting’s backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure that your important data and applications are securely copied and quickly recoverable when the unexpected strikes.


Backup and disaster recovery solutions can lean on multiple environments, including physical, virtual and public, private or hybrid cloud.

Ransomware Protection

Imagine getting hit with a ransomware attack. A backup and disaster recovery solution gives you the power and control to ignore demands because your data is protected.

Business Resiliency

Accidentally lose a file or an entire month’s worth of work? A backup and recovery solution can quickly retrieve lost or stolen data minimizing costly downtime and business disruptions.

Personalized Planning

Different organizations require different solutions. We tailor a plan for you based on your acceptable recovery time and the amount of data you can afford to lose.

Compliance Adherence

Standards vary by industry, but most compliance requirements mandate a backup and recovery solution to protect sensitive consumer data.

Other Managed IT Solutions We Offer at HOCS Consulting:

Food For THought

Why HOCS Consulting?

An effective backup and disaster recovery plan isn’t a one-and-done effort. It requires regular testing and ongoing updates to successfully protect your business. Partner with an MSP that will be there to support you through every phase.