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Hosted Email: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Jul 28, 2023

If you want to send professional business emails that feature a custom domain (example: JohnDoe@yourcompanyname) and can bypass today’s sophisticated spam filters, you’ll need a hosted email solution. There are various email hosting providers you can choose from, each with a variety of features you may or may need. Before you decide which email hosting service is right for your business, acquaint yourself with the basics and the potential benefits. 


What Is Hosted Email? 

Hosted email is a service that provides professional email functionality without the need for on-premises servers or infrastructure. A third-party provider takes care of maintenance, security, backups and software updates. 


5 Benefits of Hosted Email 


  1. Free up Valuable Time and Resources

Hosted email lets you leverage the infrastructure and expertise of a third-party provider to handle your email needs, rather than managing an email server in-house yourself. 

Save precious time by delegating tasks like user administration, mailbox setup and software updates to your hosted email provider so you can focus on something else. 


  1. Reduce the Risk of a Data Breach

Neglecting to keep pace with the most current software updates puts your business at serious risk. Bad actors are well aware of the opportunities outdated hardware and software present. Reputable hosted email providers invest heavily in security measures like advanced encryption, spam filters, virus scanning and intrusion detection systems to protect their customers’ sensitive business data. Note: When deciding on an email hosting service, be sure to ask about the security measures they have in place. 


  1. Minimize Disruptions

Email hosting providers typically offer a high degree of reliability and minimal downtime. That means your staff can access email services when they need them, which translates into increased levels of productivity. Some providers even offer high service availability or uptime guarantees in writing. 


  1. Scale with Ease

When business demands ebb and flow, you need to be able to easily scale your services as necessary. Hosted email allows you to add or remove email accounts or increase storage capacity as needs change. Note: Before you choose an email hosting service, read the fine print. You want a provider that allows you to add or remove email accounts and increase storage capacity quickly and easily. 


  1. Boost Collaboration and Efficiencies

Many email hosted services offer features such as shared calendars and contacts that facilitate seamless collaboration among team members. Some hosted email services can also integrate with other business applications enabling streamlined workflows and centralized data management. 


Final Thoughts 

Hosted email solutions make sense for businesses looking to outsource critical management responsibilities in exchange for enhanced security, reliability and scalability. Before you choose a provider, consider the features and benefits that could be most beneficial to your business. If you have questions about hosted email solutions, we’re happy to help.

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