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How SOC and SIEM Can Protect Your Business

May 8, 2023

Today’s cybersecurity is a complex landscape that can cause confusion for business owners. As threats become more frequent and advanced, there is no room for error when it comes to protecting your business. It’s common for managed service providers, or MSPs, to piece together different types of security monitoring tools to get the job done. However, what if we told you there is a solution that combines the best of both worlds and gives you one robust security solution? Introducing SOC and SIEM—your all-in-one, comprehensive threat detection management solution.

In this blog, we’ll help you understand how SOC and SIEM work while giving you key points on why they are critical to safeguarding your business. Now, let’s take a deeper look into how SOC and SIEM can protect your business from the ominous threat of cyberattacks.

What Is SOC?

SOC, or security operations center, is a fully managed facility that is monitored 24/7/365 by cybersecurity experts who know how to fortify your security defenses. Certified SOC analysts are equipped to investigate potential security threats and take necessary steps to remediate them if needed.

SOCs can include alerts from various components of the business. These alerts can come from:

  • Endpoints
  • Network Equipment
  • Internal or Web Servers
  • Firewalls
  • Cloud Resources
  • Applications
  • Mobile Devices
  • Virtual Devices

To monitor these specific alerts, SOC analysts need a variety of security monitoring tools to perform their role effectively. Having deep visibility into systems is a must to be able to detect, prevent and respond to potential threats in a timely manner. With the complexity of networks, a SOC analyst is going to need a tool that checks off all the boxes.

This is where SIEM enters the conversation.

What Is SIEM?

SIEM, or security information event management, provides threat detection and security incident response through continuous monitoring of your infrastructure. SIEM solutions can compile data from multiple sources to one convenient location to make it easier to identify plausible threats. This feature can enable SOC analysts to focus on events that would most likely turn into real attacks.

A SIEM tool:

  • Complies data logs from various systems
  • Stores information in an organized manner
  • Detects software and devices that might be at risk
  • Centralizes security management
  • Classifies threats for efficient remediation

Together, SOC and SIEM make a dynamic duo in keeping your business protected from unexpected cyber threats.

How HOCS Consulting Can Aid Your Business

Focusing on perfecting your security can be a challenging task, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed with options. Don’t leave your cybersecurity to chance—partner with an expert who has the knowledge and expertise that you need. At HOCS Consulting, our SOC and SIEM provide a comprehensive yet cutting-edge approach to solve your security issues. When you’re ready to partner with a professional that has a superior SOC and SIEM security solution, give us a call or message us at